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By Richard Meyer on January, 15 2021

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Richard Meyer


Building on the previous release which added new cancer databases (Cancer Hotspots, Sanger Cancer Gene Census, and cBioPortal) and new aggregated views, we are now introducing a new technology to automatically highlight important data from publications. This is an experimental new feature, leveraging state of the art machine learning technology to extract the following concepts from titles & abstracts:

  • Diseases
  • Chemical compounds (drugs)
  • Genes
  • Species (human or other)
  • Cell Lines

This information is presented in the publications component, allowing you to quickly identify articles that may be helpful. Furthermore, filtering options are now available allowing you to refine your search:

VarSome Publications

This marks just a first step for this technology and many further features and enhancements are planned.

As ever, we hope you find these changes useful, and very much welcome any suggestions or feedback you may have.

With our very best wishes for 2021!

The VarSome team

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