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VarSome 11.2.6 - Cards View

By Richard Meyer on May, 4 2022

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Richard Meyer


Viewing VarSome data using Cards View  

Today we have launched  our new  “Cards View” approach for displaying data. Developed in close collaboration with a number of VarSome users, this new layout improves how we display the growing volume of data available on VarSome. A high-level summary view is provided, presenting the key information from each data source in a small “card”, colored by its potential clinical significance.

Clicking on an individual “card” takes you to the relevant section where you can see the full data available in VarSome.

This change provides a sleeker interface, reducing the need for scrolling and also makes it easier to continue adding more new data sources in future. In addition, the webpage now loads more quickly, requires less memory, and is faster to navigate.

A “wizard” guide and “help” features will assist in configuring your preferred layout, including the possibility of retaining the original screen layout should you wish.

No information has been removed and annotations and classifications are not affected. 

Configure card layout 

By clicking on the “Display Options” wheel on the top right hand side you can configure the layout of the cards that best suit your needs. Multiple options can be combined.

1. View all Data lays out the cards summary in the same way as the data was previously displayed, with all the data on a single page.

2. Compact View reduces the size of the cards summary view by removing the key data,  reducing the space taken up by the cards view summary.

3. Side Bar View moves the cards summary to the side of the screen.

Card Colors

Cards are gray unless they contain data that allows us to denote a pathogenicity score. In these cases we color the cards using the following  key: 


By clicking on a card you move to the required “detail information view”. The selected card is visible at the top of the data along with a “View All” card that takes you back to the card summary


Disabled Cards

Some cards may be disabled and grayed out. These are cards where we have no data available. 

For non Premium users, our features only available in Premium will also be grayed out. Learn more about VarSome Premium here.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: In certain situations, we now limit the number of times you can use the ACMG classifier and publication cards on the VarSome free platform. On reaching this limit, these cards will be deactivated. To reactivate, you can follow the link provided and upgrade to VarSome Premium. Alternatively, you can wait 24 hours and the limit will be reset. 

Click here for more information on how to upgrade to VarSome Premium so you can have unlimited access to our world class classification and publication information.

If you have any problems please let us know by sending us a message and we will get back to you. 

- The VarSome Team.

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