gnomad 2.1.1 now available on VarSome 7.3!

By Tomas Kucera on June, 26 2019

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Tomas Kucera

Head of Strategic Alliances & Channel Partners

VarSome 7.3

VarSome team is proud to present the latest version of the free with a number of new features and improvements.

gnomAD 2.1.1 now available on VarSome

gnomAD v2.1 comprises a total of 16mln SNVs and 1.2mln indels from 125,748 exomes, and 229mln SNVs and 33mln indels from 15,708 genomes. In addition to the 7 populations already present in gnomAD 2.0.2, this release now breaks down the non-Finnish Europeans and East Asian populations further into sub-populations. The population breakdown is detailed on the picture below.

gnomAD 2

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